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“Don’t be carried away by others’ words. Be carried away by your own experiences”

“I’m not doing the asana for some purpose like being physically fit and mentally poised, I’m doing the asana to see myself”


In this ever-changing world, the human being is required to shift into a much
higher frequency in order to cope. My own YOGA practice has assisted me to move into the newness that change offers.
YOGA brings balance to body, mind and Spirit and in so doing, we are able to embrace life’s
challenges that come our way. This has been my own personal experience. Through my practice of YOGA I have gained, not only a
physical and mental well-being, but also an inner strength.

I feel that the ESSENCE of YOGA is to come home to SELF. This is now required more than ever before as we begin to move into a new way of being. The incoming energies are now there to assist us. Life happens at such a fast pace and people want immediate rewards/fulfilment so they search outside of Self for these instead of looking inside. All the answers asked outside of self
actually, lie within… but before we can hear or feel what is our truth, we need to strip away the many masks we’ve accumulated in order to survive and to fit into this world. This is what YOGA does.

The YOGA that I offer focuses on bringing the awareness and attention to the spine, breath and
gravity. The spine, if kept mobile, offers space for the electric current (central nervous system) to flow
freely. The breath, also known as our LIFE FORCE, flows through us. The proper use of breath affords a healthier body and mind. An over stressed nervous system can be calmed by proper breathing techniques. Working with the gravitational force, the YOGA poses become more effortless and fluid.

I guide the practitioner to move deeper within, allowing them to feel what is required in the moment. At times I am able to sense what their body needs to release in order to re balance. This practice cannot be done at a fast pace. My classes are for small groups and welcome anyone who is serious about wanting to discover who they truly are. Beginners and teachers are most welcome to attend classes

I have deep gratitude for the teachers who have paved the way of YOGA; my own teachers namely, Jackie Holzen, Sri B K S Iyengar, Angela Farmer & Victor van Kooten (Yoga from inside-out) Diane Long & Sophy Hoare in the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli and last but not least, my Students.