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What is a reading? A reading is a form of healing. As a medium I receive messages from a Higher Source. These messages come to me either in sound, sensations, emotions or imagery. Higher Guidance can be from those in love service to the client i.e, their Guides, loved ones who have passed over or their own Divine Spirit.

The client’s willingness to be open to receive the messages can greatly assist them to move out of stuck situations and have more clarity so that they can move forward and grow. As human beings we have free will. The client is therefore free to choose whether or not to use the guidance that is offered. They can choose to use only the guidance that resonates with them. In time, the other messages may become relevant. I can only serve to assist by being a clear channel through which the messages come and to offer my inner wisdom for the here and now.

Who would seek such readings? Those who are at a crossroad and are unable to decide which way to go; who need more clarity around an issue; who feel stuck and need assistance to shift; who wish to learn more about themselves and their behaviour.

The readings are not fortune tellings.
Clairvoyant – messages come as imagery
Clairaudient- messages come in sound
Clairsentient –messages come in sensation or emotions.