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Brain Speaks

The Brain Speaks offers the left and right hemispheres (sides) of the brain, which are always in conflict, a chance to balance out. Different parts of the brain have to live with each other. Sometimes certain parts don’t communicate with their counter parts. (Have you ever been to a family gathering where some of the family members don’t get along? A similar thing happens in the brain).

The Brain Speaks therapy addresses the present. The intention is to show the bigger picture to the part of the brain with which we are dialoguing. In order to assist it with an issue we ask the part what is needed to help modify it. An example of which could be, speaking to the parts that monitor fear in order to assist other parts to calm down or assisting left and right hemispheres to re connect which allows them to inter communicate and balance out.

This process is very empowering for the client as it teaches the client about self awareness. The facilitator does not have to talk. The client relays the messages from the brain back to the facilitator. The client does not need to know the different components of the brain. All that is needed is the willingness to dialogue with the brain’s components offering it a chance to self correct.

The following are some of the issues which may be addressed via The Brain Speaks: Trust, Sadness, Anxiety, Phobias, Dyslexias, Learning difficulties & Headaches